Russian Mechanics Buran A

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"BURAN" has long been a true friend for thousands and thousands of Russian snowmobilers. They trust him, knowing for sure that in a difficult moment the snowmobile will not let them down. "BURAN A" is a simple and reliable snowmobile, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. A whole army of hunters and fishermen in Russia do not see an alternative to it. Globally, the design of the "BURAN" has not changed for 45 years, but we have adapted the snowmobile to modern technical requirements and consumer needs. The advantages of the car are obvious: it is unpretentious and will serve its owner faithfully for a long time.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 2
Engine capacity 635 CC
Number of cylinders 2
Cylinder diameter and piston stroke 76х70
Max. power 34 HP
Intake Intake Noise Muffler
Cooling system Air
Dimensions and weight
Length 2700 mm
Width 910 mm
Height 1335 mm
Distance between skis N/A
Dry mass 285 kg
Track length 2878 mm
Track width 380 mm
The height of the ground hook 17.5 mm
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension Elliptical spring
Front suspension stroke 50 mm
Rear suspension Roller independent, spring-balancer.
Rear suspension stroke 50 mm
Brake mechanism Mechanical, disk
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed 60 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 28 l

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