Stels ATV 650 Guepard Trophy EPS CVTech

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This all-terrain vehicle has excellent cross-country ability, high power. This model is designed for experienced riders who are used to the high performance of their "beast".The Stels ATV 650 Guepard Trophy has a V-shaped engine with a volume of 650 cubic centimeters, with a capacity of 52 hp. The engine is equipped with a liquid cooling system, which allows it to work for a long time at high speeds without the risk of overheating. All-wheel drive is easily transferred to the rear, which allows you to vary the driving abilities of the ATV depending on the type of terrain. The power plant installed in a spatial frame made of steel pipes is capable of withstanding sufficiently large loads.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles N/A
Engine capacity N/A
Power N/A
Torque N/A
Compression ratio N/A
Intake N/A
Cooling N/A
Launch system N/A
Transmission N/A
Drive N/A
Transmission N/A
Dimensions and weight
Length N/A
Width N/A
Height N/A
Wheelbase N/A
Ground clearance N/A
Dry mass N/A
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension N/A
Front suspension stroke N/A
Rear suspension N/A
Rear suspension stroke N/A
Front brake N/A
Rear brake N/A
Front/rear tires N/A
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed N/A
Fuel tank capacity N/A
Maximum load on the front trunk N/A
Maximum load on the rear trunk N/A
Power steering N/A